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Vernelle Nelson

is a Licensed Unity Teacher who was born and raised in Washington, DC.  She now lives in South Florida, where she continues to write while enjoying her work with the Unity movement and sewing. 

Her professional career includes a stint as head of On-Air Promotions at National Public Radio headquarters, radio personality, television and radio producer, community liaison and teacher.  In addition to her work with Unity of Ft. Lauderdale, she is a freelance writer, author, poet, and motivational speaker.

 Her published works include poetry, human interest stories and news articles in Washington, DC and Florida newspapers and magazines. 

Vernelle is a contributing writer for the e-news magaine, EmPower, which is available on the web at  

Readers may also acces some of Vernelle's older works, including essays, editorials, human interest articles and poetry on line at,,, and

FAVORABLE CONDITIONS is the first complete book to be presented by this inspiring author. 

DON’T INVITE ME TO YOUR PITY PARTY was relased in the spring of 2009 and burst onto the scene with unexpected success.


 IN THIS WORLD AND OF IT… an unusual take on the teaching of Jesus that admonishes us to be “in this world but not of it.”  This book looks at that warning and raises the question, “If we remove ourselves from this world, how do we expect it to change?” IN THIS WORLD AND OF IT examines the possibility of affecting positive change in the world, not through withdrawal, but from an infusion of unconditional love, acceptance and peace.

MILESTONE … the fictional daily journal of a woman who turns 50 on the 4th of July.   In one short year, she loses her prestigious Wall Street job, her dad dies suddenly and she moves from Manhattan to Georgia, where she finds herself and meets the love of her life.

SOULMATES... the story of starcrossed lovers who meet several times during the course of their lives, and at each meeting, know that they are destined to be together, but .somehow, they are always caught up in some type of drama keeps them from following up on their instincts until ......

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