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It’s 7:45 AM. I just finished my daily ritual of prayer and meditation and am ready to continue my routine. The house is quiet. This is the time of day I devote to writing. The plan was to work on a freelance project that I have been working on about hair. It’s an interesting gig and one that I enjoy working on. However, Spirit has moved me to do something different this morning.

My favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 4:1 “… I urge you to live the life worthy of the calling you have received.” – NIV. That hit home a couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with a laundry list of chronic conditions, all of which manifested themselves in the form of almost paralyzing pain. I gave up a very successful position with the county and applied for disability. Never the one to rest on my laurels, I devoted my time to nurturing my body with almost daily exercise to control the pain. My routine included swimming, treadmill, stretch and tone class and yoga. I also fed my spirit with reading, studying at Unity Village and writing. It worked great for a while, but then the disability claim was denied. I was forced to rely upon the nest egg I accumulated over the years… and then the stock market did its thing.

I was blessed with the opportunity to do consultant work for the National Association of the Mother and Daughter Bonding Network [MDBN]. That income was just enough to take care of my share of the household expenses, but it was never intended to last forever. Formal Unity studies were put on hold. My partner and I found ourselves depending upon his retirement income more and more and we eventually went from a very comfortable living situation which included at least two or three nights on the town each week to taking care of necessities and foregoing most but not all luxuries. We are no doubt blessed, and thank God every single day for our being able to simply scale back without having to give up the things that are really important to us.

In the meantime, I was working on my first book, Favorable Conditions. It was nearing completion when my personal financial bubble burst and Plan B immediately went into effect. I went from a passive, laid back writer to an aggressive author, taking crash courses in working with the publishing industry and internet marketing. I knew my work was good, and refused to self publish, sign on with a vanity press or work with one of those publishers who insist that I give them tons of money to publish my work. After several months of searching, I found Publish America, a small traditional publisher based in Maryland what was not only willing to take me on, but even paid me a tiny advance.

When Favorable Conditions hit the market in November of 2008, the second book, Don’t Invite Me to Your Pity Party, was about 80% finished. Its official release date was in May 2009. With two books on the market, freelance writing assignments picking up and my workshops beginning to be noticed, things are finally beginning to turn around. However, I am still adjusting to the rollercoaster world of a professional writer.

In Don’t Invite Me to Your Pity Party, the chapter called Money, Money, Money is devoted to just that… making money… spending money… and its place in our lives. I also talk about how we should never give up our dreams for the sake of making money. Over the last year, I have taken on temp assignments from time to time… not because I necessarily wanted to, but because of the reality of bills and being responsible for contributing my share of what it takes to run the house.

I took on a temp assignment just last week. At first it really wasn’t my cup of tea. The agency told me that Saturdays were involved, but added that I would have one day off each the week. During orientation, I learned that we were expected to work six days a week. In truth, they would have allowed us to work seven days if we were willing.

The work itself is easy and the people seem very affable, but there was no way I could commit to working Monday through Saturday. And there was definitely no way I would ever consider going to any job on Sunday. Been there… done that! At this stage of my spiritual development, missing church is simply not an option except in extreme situations. It has nothing to do with the fact that I am chaplain or on the Board of Trustees. My commitment to my spiritual development is one that includes devotion time at home as well as devotion, fellowship and interaction with my Unity congregation.

I called the agency and told them to find someone else because even though Sundays are not work days for me, I have a standing commitment and ‘even the Lord rested one day a week!’ They asked me to report for duty the following week while they looked for someone else and talked with the client. When I showed up for work on Monday, the supervisor told me that I could take off one day a week with no problem.

I never doubted that God is at work in everything I do, and this was just one more example of God’s presence in my life. With this temp assignment, I will be able to buy those new tires my car needs, take are of a few other smaller things that require my attention, and when it’s over I’ll be able to go visit my dad in the DC area. Best of all, a few people on the job site have shown interest in my books and new affirmations cards; and have even visited my website and shared it with loved ones. Blessings are everywhere if we remain open to them. Who knows? This temp assignment could just turn out to be a boost to my purse and to my writing career.


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