BRAND NEW DAY - Reflections on the 2008 US Presidential Election

Posted by yourlifeisgolden on November 21, 2008 at 12:42 PM

We woke up earlier than usual. 

Turned on CNN and sat mesmerized

All day and all night

It?s a brand new day.


Interviews, opinions, profiles,

Commentary, prognostication, pontification.

Nobody knew for sure,

But deep down inside everyone already knew.

It?s a brand new day.


The world is changing. 

Attitudes are changing. 

People are changing. 

It?s a brand new day.


Goree Island, slave ships

Auction blocks, lynching

Jim Crow, legal oppression

What doesn?t kill you only makes you stronger

It?s a brand new day.


Of the people, by the people and

For the people?

All men are created equal

The founding fathers ? slaveholders all

Spinning in their graves.

It?s a brand new day.


Conservatives, liberals,

Right wing, left wing

Capitalists, socialists

Skin heads, KKK

Hard core rappers and bible thumping evangelicals

Wake up. 

It?s a brand new day.


Millions of Americans

Celebrating in the streets? as if

Free and open elections were held

For the very first time.

It?s a brand new day.


Women and minorities

The poor and the disenfranchised

The disabled and the ignored

Americans all?

Many voting for the very first time.

It?s a brand new day.


America the beautiful is finally

Of the people

By the people and

For the people

It?s a brand new day.


The lines of demarcation

Have divided us long enough

They have been blurred,

But their shadows remain.

It?s time to erase them and

Come together as one.

It?s a brand new day.


America the beautiful is finally

On the road to becoming

One nation under God, indivisible

With liberty and justice for all.

It?s a brand new day.


This is only the beginning.  It is up to us. 

It?s dawn? time for everybody to wake up.

Old thought patterns, old habits

Old ways of doing things?

No more time for business as usual.


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