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ISBN 1-60836-654-5 


           Millions upon millions of us are literally digging our graves with our teeth.  Not only are we consuming foods and beverages that we know are detrimental to our physical health and wellbeing, we are being fed genetically altered and cloned foods without our consent, or adequate knowledge about the long term effects of introducing these things into the human food chain.  While we cannot control a single aspect of the grocery regulation, packaging and production process, we can certainly be pro-active about what goes into our bodies and those of our children.  This may sound far fetched, but think about it.  We are all created in the image and likeness of God.  Therefore, when we prepare meals for our families, we are in essence feeding the image and likeness of God.  Does God deserve to be fed foods that are high in fat and low in nutritional value or cloned meat or genetically altered vegetables for the sake of higher profits?  

          Pharmaceutical companies serve a wonderful purpose, but it seems they have somehow gotten off track with advertising to the masses, subliminally and often overtly suggesting that television viewers and magazine readers have or know someone with restless leg syndrome, or any number of other ailments that their pills can cure.  Then you get the disclaimer… ‘may cause numbness, blindness, sudden death…’  I think the most absurd disclaimer is the one for a sleep preparation that warns of ‘walking or driving episodes with no memory of the event.’  OK. So let me get this straight.  The pill will put you to sleep, but you will still get up, walk around the house, go outdoors, get in the car and drive down the street.  You aren’t asleep.  You’re in a chemically induced stupor!!!! 

          I can’t help but recall several instances when I was blessed to be able to meet with siblings and parents of children with birth defects, cerebral palsy and other maladies who resolutely affirm that having these children in their lives is one of God’s greatest gifts.  Through their experiences, they have been able to clearly see the blessings God has in situations that outsiders see as tragic.  What a blessing it would be for everyone to look at a deformity or serious illness the same way.




ISBN # 1-60672-437-1


             Living in fear can result in our refusal to accept the blessings God puts before us.  We must be willing to walk through life in confidence, knowing that God is with us always.  This does not mean taking foolish chances or testing God’s love and protection.  If you are walking down a deserted, dimly lit street at 11:30 PM, do not turn into a dark alleyway to prove that God is with you.  Common sense is a great gift from God that we must never ignore. What I’m referring to here is taking time to develop the ability to intuitively know when God is the source of an opportunity to fulfill a dream… to answer a prayer long held in our hearts.

            What have you been longing for?  What have you wanted to see manifested in your life that has alluded you?  What are your dreams? 

          Nobody can answer that question for you.  It doesn’t lie hidden in any book or computer program.  To enjoy the prosperity that God has given you, it is essential that you continue all the practices discussed in this book. 

          As you walk fearlessly through life, always remember Shakespeare’s quote in Hamlet “to thine own self be true.”  We will never be able to achieve spiritual prosperity or grow into the blessed happy beings God meant for us to be if we are not true to our own spirits.



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 Love for Kenya

Aretha Renia                                                          

 Kenya Marcus has a good life.  She's inherited a small fortune which she used to relate to a small town in Mississippi, and she has a great store that specializes in plus-size fashions for women.  What she doesn't have is love.  Her self-esteem level is low, and she feels that love is not available for someone like her.

Along comes Daniel Robinson.  He's the new owner of the town's paper and the son of one of Kenya's most trusted employees and valued friend.  After befriending Kenya he finds that he would love to take things beyond friendship, but fear of losing her keeps him at bay.

Can he sidestep her insecurities and his own fears to express his...

 The Championship Game

 Aimee Stinson                                                  


It's spring in a small town in Georgia, and it is time for kids to play baseball.

Chase and Charlize have been friends since birth, and now they are in the same class in first grade. They get a letter from school telling about baseball registration, and they are excited to play. Chase and Charlize find out their best friends Jarrett and
Colby are on the same team as they are. All of the kids practice hard to get their favorite positions, and to win their games. They find out how important it is to work as a team to be good players.

Does Chase get to play pitcher like he wants?

How does Charlize deal with everything being the only girl on the team?

Do the Grizzlies win the championship game?

Find out about everything these kids have to go through to get to..
the championship game.

 Wicked Thoughts

Eric Watford. M.D.                                   


“That’s what I am talking about baby. They’re going to the playoffs for the second year in a row, Go Rockets. Go Rockets.”
“Yeah, Buck Tooth, I was glad they traded for Wes Nelson in the preseason. He made the whole difference this year.”

“I hear that. That boy got a mean three point shot. And you talk about making some money. Did you see that commercial he did for those Converse shoes?”

“You mean the one they showed at the Superbowl during half time, after Jimi Jackson the fifth, performed?”
“That’s the one I am talking about. Remember the part where he had a tennis shoe wardrobe malfunction? That was hilarious.”

“You know that was voted as one of the top ten commercials of the year.”
“Really Houston? I can see that. I am telling you, that Nelson is something else. He needs his own radio talk show.”

“What about the part at the end of the commercial, where everybody in the stadium got up, lit candles and started chanting ‘Wake up Mr. Wes’.”

“Stop it Houston. You know that was off the chain.”

“Too bad you missed the game. He scored thirty points in the first quarter.”

“Leave it to Wes to hype something up. I got one of his Jerseys, the throwback one.”

“Naw, Buck Tooth, you got to be kidding me.”

“I’m serious. I got it on right now. Don’t y’all have a video camera or something in this big ship?”
“Hold on Buck Tooth, we are activating the video feed now.”

“Check it out baby. Check it out, throwback flavor in the house.”

“Oh man, that is tight, Buck Tooth. Hold on a second. (Hey everybody, come check this out. Buck Tooth got on that Wes Nelson® throwback Jersey. She’s working that thing.) Sorry about that Buck Tooth. Where did you get that one from?”

“A lady never tells."

Up and Coming Poet - Tonya Williams

I am a lawyer, writer and poet.  I am in private practice as a lawyer, but my passion is writing. This is where I spend most of my time.  I am currently writing a book about my life.  I hope to have it published in the near future.  Look out for it.  In the meantime, feel free to send me an e-mail.


I am loneliness
I am hurt
without love
to quench my thirst

I am sadness
I am blue
trying to become more
of me
when you want me to
be more like you

I am despair
I am pain
Needing you in my
is that a reason
for shame?

I am death
I am dying
it is my heart
that's constantly crying
Copyright 2008

So Many Ways to Say

I am a bullet wound
covered with a surture
what I'm feeling
needing love and nurture

I am a headache
pounding when it rains
understanding just
what it takes
to ease the pain

I am a tooth-ache
whose hurt has spread
wanting a slow hand
as delicate as a needle's thread

I am a deflated lung
gasping for air
searching for life
are you out there?
Copyright 2008


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